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BE A SAFE DRIVER - Tips for high speed driving
Never maintain low inflation pressure

Maintaing low inflation pressure shall lead to hydroplaning,
standing wave and tyre rupture due to heat generation. Therefore always increase the pressure by 5 psi (0.3 kgf/cm2) than the recommended inflation pressure before hight speed driving.

Hydroplanning happens when a thin film of water entering the tread groove from the front of the tyre causes the tyre to skid over the road surface due to the dynamic pressure of water.
Standing Wave:
When a tyre rotates at hight speed, a wave is generated at the area to the rear of the tread contacting the ground. This is because the rotation of the tyre is faster that the time required for the tyre tread, which is deformed at its ground contact point, to return to its original shapes. this is called Standing Wave. When standing wave occurs, most of the wave energy changes to heat inside the tyre.
Never use damanged / repaired tyres
Usage of damaged / improperly repaired tyre is strongly not recommended because the tyre may burst at anytime.

Never use worn out tyres
Usage of worn out tyres lead to hydroplaning, resulting in skidding and poor braking.
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