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Turanza AR20

FCP Tyre Profile
Unlike conventional rounded tyre profiles, Bridgestone's Flat Contact Patch (FCP) provides a better contact area where the tread touches the road. This profile also prevents tyre deformations while minimising shoulder wear for longer tyre life.
Silica Tread Compound
An advanced silica tread compound realises unparalleled performance on wet roads and high efficiency for lower rolling resistance.
Refined comfort
Advanced tread design silences road noise and cushions shocks for the highest level of driving comfort on every road surface.
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Superior wet performance
New rubber polymers, tread-blocks and main groove design ensure safety on wet roads while minimising the chance of hydroplaning.
High durability
High-durability tread compounds and an improved tyre profile minimise tread wear, while reinforced casings and rim protectors guard against cuts and punctures.
5-Pitch Variable Tread and 3D Triangle Blocks
The AR-20 design randomly varies the pitch of five different-sized tread-blocks to greatly reduce tread pattern noise. Large centre blocks with 3D tread grooves deliver the utmost grip for better driving safety, even on the wettest roads.
Replacing Tyres
  • When replacing tyres, it is advisable to select tyres based on the size, ply rating and maximum load capability of the original tyre.
  • Check rim for any irregularities or damage before assembling.
  • Mounting tyres, fitting the beads and inflating the tyres must be always conducted in the safety cage to protect the tyre fitter from explosion.
  • To assure that the tyre is properly mounted, the distance between the rim line and rim flange should be uniform around the circumference of the rim.
  • Check that the tyres are not touching the vehicle body.
  • While upsizing, the load index and speed symbol should be the same or higher.
Mixing of Tyres
  • The mixed application of different type tyres and/or tyre sizes on the same axle can adversely affect manoeuvrability, stability and braking because of differences in tyre performance characteristics and tyre deformation
Tyre Storage
  • When storing tyres, avoid direct sunlight, ozone, moisture, petroleum products and extremely high ambient temperatures
Tyre Inflation Pressure
  • Most tyre trouble is caused by incorrect inflation pressure. This seriously affects driving performance and tyre life.
  • Adjust pressure when tyre is cool.
  • Avoid running at high speeds under inflation pressure.

  • The sizes and specifications shown in this leaflet are subject to change without notice.

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