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Tyre Care
Why are tyres black?
The rubber for tyres contains carbon black, a reinforcing material.
What's the inside of a tyre made of?
Tyre Care
As illustrated, a tyre isn't just rubber;
it's a complicated mixture of metals and fibres.

What does the tyre size code tell you?
Tyre Care
(Check the tyre size code on your tyres.)

Tyre Care Where is the tyre size code indicated?
On the sidewall, with the manufacturer's
name and product name.
Tyres have a speed limit.
An there's a limit to the weight a tyre can carry
Tyre Care
Speed Symbol
The speed symbol indicates the permissible speed (max. speed=capacity) under specified conditions.
The maximum speed is the fastest that an automobile can go on a flat paved road using that tyre.
Load Index (LI)
The number 94 (670 Kg) indicates the maximum load carrying capacity.
For details, consult your tyre shop.
How do you measure the size of your tyre?
The code indicates the sizes measured as shown on the right.

Tyre sizes have to comply with the standards for each tyre size code.
Aspect ratio (series)
The Aspect ratio is the ratio of height (H) to the width (W).

"Series" indicates a group of tyres with the same aspect ratio.
Tyre Care
Tyre Care

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